Brew Crew

Join the ‘Brew Crew’ and get free stuff for drinking beers with us.

Some of the benefits:Brew Crew Card

– Members drink from a custom 20 oz glass for the same price as  a regular pint!

– Earn points for drinking beer [limit 3 earned points per day];

– At certain point  levels you get special things, free stuff, your name memorialized on our plaque wall, etc

– Special ‘members only’ days with complementary appetizers, etc

– Other special ‘members only’ things

– Summer BBQ’s, Winter BC party, etc $36 a year to be the cool kids club

Accumulated points earn you these wonderful spiff’s :

25 points = Empty logo pint glass

50 points = Empty growler

75 points = Horsefly hat

124 points = “get your Nigel on” shirt with the  1/2 Barrel club

200 points = Custom laser engraved Horsefly glass with your name on it

248 points = Get a plaque on the wall in the Full Barrel Club

496 points = Double Barrel Club

1240 points = 5-Star Barrel Club

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