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Bug Eyed Blonde

Bug-Eyed Blonde logoBug Eyed Blonde is our version of an entry – level craft beer known for its light maltiness and low hop character. Light yellow in color, smooth without harsh bitterness. An easy drinking, refreshing beer to start off with when drinking a flight of craft beers.

Jazzy RazzyJazzy Razzy logo

Like it’s cousin, Bug Eyed Blonde, Jazzy Razzy is a light , crisp refreshing ale with a slight essence of raspberries at the end. Some fruit beers are referred to as ‘chick beer’, but this one is different as it is a very refreshing light ale that’s not overbearing with fruit.

Tabano RedClipped-tabanoRed_color

Tabano is Spanish for Horsefly. Tabano Red has more of a malty character than most red beers utilizing crystal and biscuit malts, along with a restrained hop profile. This silky smooth, Irish style red ale is one of our most popular beers enjoyed by many over and over.

Six Shooter Pale AleSix-Shooter Pale Ale logo

American IPA, Six Shooter is sure to please any Hophead. A prominent hop aroma with a citrusy, floral, character derived from six additions of more unusual American hops ( No Cascade ). Not too bitter combined with a balanced maltiness, this one is sure to please.

Peacemaker Double Pale Alepeacemaker logo

BIG hops meets BIG malt! With an IBU of 55 and floor malted Maris Otter barley. This is combined with assertive, less used, Oregon hops. The beer is the marriage of the gentler British IPA with the more aggressive American IPA.

Highland ScottishHighland Scottish logo

Very malty, slightly smoky, dark fruit and a little leathery, alongside minimal hopping. Watch out, this ale is strong and very drinkable, so be careful, too many of these and you’ll be talking like a Scotsman.

Paso Fino PorterPaso Fino Porter logo

If you like Porters, you’ll love this Porter. Dark garnet color. Big flavors of chewy chocolate malt, with a very slight coffee finish, A smooth beer which goes well with anything. Doesn’t everything go with beer?

Many other seasonal beers as well as guest taps…

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