First ‘Living Wall’ Art Project Complete!

14-03 wall-art

Horsefly was proud to have some great artists paint the six ‘panes’ of wall last Sunday. They did an awesome job in kicking off the ‘Living Wall’ monthly art. Each month artists are invited to paint one of the six wall sections. Showing off their work, talent, abilities to the whole of Montrose.
We have a great organizer, Sarah Brewer who, on nearly no notice, gathered four talented individuals [Krystina Maixner, Laura Heck, Anna Johnson & herself] to do some amazing work last Sunday.

Below is a closeup of each work of art. Click on it to see the high rez version.

Cheers til next month.

14-03 Wall Pane 1


14-03 Wall Pane 3

14-03 Wall Pane 4

14-03 Wall Pane 5

14-03 Wall Pane 6