Horsefly Brewing Company offers casual, family friendly dining at affordable prices. Our menu features New American options as well as old time brew pub favorites.

Our wings are plump and juicy tossed in your choice of sauce or dry rub and served with carrots, celery and ranch or bleu cheese

6 wings (one sauce) 5.99
12 wings (two sauces) 11.99
18 wings (three sauces) 17.99



Sweet & tangy with just a touch of spice- This housemade sauce is smokin’

Sesame Teriyaki
Gourmet semi-sweet teriyaki sauce adorned with sesame seeds and a light kick at the end

Minced garlic simmered in extra virgin olive oil and blended with freshly grated Parmesan

Phil’s Hoppin
A Horsefly original created by the man himself. A lil’ sweet, a lil; spicy and finished with fresh locally grown hops

Gold Fever
The rush is ON for this mildly spiced mustard pepper sauce with a golden kiss of honey- Catch the fever!

Asian Sweet Chile
Starts off sweet but spicy red chile peppers provide enough kick to heat things up

Classic Buffalo
The original sauce that started it all

Down ‘n’ Dirty
Classic buffalo gets down and dirty with minced garlic and bleu cheese crumbles in this Montrose favorite

Cranberry Chipotle
A classic cranberry sauce with a kick of chipotle- perfect for our smoked wings

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy
A perfect blend of classic buffalo, honey and brown sugar make this sauce just right

Coconut Rum

This mild sauce will have you imagining you’re on a tropical beach with its flavor of coconut and rum smoothly blended together

Rude HOT

This sauce is HOT! We repeat this sauce is HOT! No refunds! Good thing there is plenty of beer!

Wing Sauce of the Month
These are the creations of our talented saucier; flavor changes monthly so ask your server for this months creation

Dry Rubs

Old Bay
An East coast favorite

Lemon Pepper
Zesty citrus flavor with a hint of crushed black pepper

Our house blend of seasonings

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